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Friday, October 21, 2005

Smart use of money. When you lease business equipment or software, your paying for it as you use it. It's a hedge against inflation. You don't pay your employees a year in advance, why pay for your business equipment in advance.

Gift Cards are another product and with profit potential. Taking up less than three square inches of counter space and giving your business added exposure and credibility. Improve profitability, as customers will pay full price more often, make bigger purchases and spend more than the original card value by 65% on average. American Express is estimating gift card balances surpassing 1 billion dollars in the next few years. No more wrong size or color, equals less re-stocking and instead of returning cash or making credits the funds are debited or credited to out standing balances.

The Partnership Program is designed to address the changing market requirements of the small to mid sized bank or credit union. We have successfully established ourselves as a business partner to numerous large and small financial institutions.
The Partnership Program offers flexibility to all its participants, while providing a competitive program offering, that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. You've just started offering business checking accounts, and to keep your clientele in house the next step is Merchant Accounts to process their credit card transactions.
Perhaps you already offer Merchant Accounts and a secondary Provider is needed to keep the higher risk merchants accounts. The following relationships are available under the Credit Union - Bank Partnership Program

e Lead Tracking and Reporting System: This is state of the art, unique and unprecedented in the transaction processing industry allowing our partners 24/7 access to sales management and lead status. As the sales rep receives the lead it is up dated each and every step of the way.
The eLead site is secured and password protected, either a single lead can be typed in or a file up loaded in an ASCII format. Monthly residual and/or commission reports can be viewed and down loaded by our banks and credit unions. eLeadTrack is another technological innovation instituted by CardService International to support our partner relationships. Cardservice International's state-of-the art eLeadTrack web site is designed to boost sales figures even higher. The unique site, unprecedented in the transaction processing industry, allows our partner banks to upload or download lead referrals and make inquiries, among the many other functions made available.
The eLeadTrack system has the capability to process, track and report on the status of both pre- and non-qualified leads. It creates more accountability for Cardservice International sales agents, and it tightens the overall flow of lead referrals from banks to Cardservice International to the company's sales force.